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A Variety of Viewpoints

Kathleen and I believe that diversity means just that. While there are a couple blogs and sites we simply will not list (see middle column below the blog entry), for the most part, we believe that this directory should be diverse. We can't condone hate speech blogs or blogs with only the intent to sell you products or treatments like worms, but otherwise, we welcome everyone.

Now, that means there are people on here we may consider ourselves to be fundamentally opposed to and whose writings I may have dissected in great detail on Countering.

So you may see woo here. It doesn't mean I've changed my position on woo. But I want readers, viewers, and interested persons to see a diverse spectrum of blogs and websites related to autism.

I hope that most will choose to back away from the woo. And I certainly won't allow snake-oil salesmen on this list. However, you, the viewer, get a large selection and the opportunity to get to read and "meet" folks you might not have otherwise been able to.


Guest Posts and Showcases

We are happy to post guest pieces and showcase the bloggers on the directory.

We do not edit these guest posts and we aren't vetting them for accuracy. We are posting them. If readers have an issue with the content of a post, please direct your comment to the author of the piece in the comment section.

We will not accept obviously offensive posts, but we are not going to engage in micromanaging the content of our bloggers when we carry one of their posts.


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