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Who Runs The Directory?

The directory was started in May 2010 by Kathleen Leopold of Autism Herd and Kim Wombles of Countering and Detritus.

This is not our first joint venture, though. We've started forums, facebook groups, and we write Respect for Infinite Diversity and EDHF with Thelma and Louise. In addition, Kathleen started Kicking Kittens last year as a place to spotlight positive stories about our children (and about yourselves, if you're on the spectrum!).

We believe strongly in building a supportive, protective community for those impacted by autism and disabilities.

We do not make any money from this site and we are committed to not doing so; we are happy to link to sites and with very rare exceptions will not exert our own personal biases in our decisions of who to list and who not to. So far, this has translated into our never refusing to list a person's site when we've been asked. Many blogs we've come across and added as we've seen that it is autism or disability related. Most of these blogs listed were added in this latter way.

We think a diversity of voices is necessary for a healthy strong community, that pleasant and cordial disagreements are possible, and that where the focus is on community building and support, other less important debates like vaccines and light woo can take a back seat.

Guest Posts and Showcases

We are happy to post guest pieces and showcase the bloggers on the directory.

We do not edit these guest posts and we aren't vetting them for accuracy. We are posting them. If readers have an issue with the content of a post, please direct your comment to the author of the piece in the comment section.

We will not accept obviously offensive posts, but we are not going to engage in micromanaging the content of our bloggers when we carry one of their posts.


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