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Monday, July 5, 2010

Adding to the Community

As I have time, I've been wandering the blogosphere, looking at folks' bloglists and seeing what new friends I can find. If you look at our tally to the right, you'll see that the numbers of blogs we have listed continues to grow.

If you know of any wonderful folks I haven't run across, why not leave a link below? And if you see a new face on the list, why not take a minute and go read them, say hi, tell them where you found a link to their blog and help us build a supportive community? Kathleen and I are trying to comment on every blog we add, but we could use help introducing everyone, you know?

So, a blogging idea: why not pick one of your favorite blogs and write a short post about it and why you like the blog? :-)



K- floortime lite mama said...

I love so many
But here are some faves -
"A celebration of our journey" - ( homeschooling mother of 2 - one has ASD. Julie is very practical and very smart

"3 running in circles"
by Danette - another positive practical mum of 3 boys with ASD

Of course everybody knows "this mom"
- very smart mom and great writer

KWombles said...

Thanks! I've added them to the directory. :-)

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