Sunday, September 5, 2010

Five minutes..the next step in community building..

Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.  The school year has started (finally!) and I find myself almost overcome with joy. It was a long summer. I am looking forward to having a bit more time to write and read all the wonderful blogs on this directory. There are so many!  If either Kim or myself have not been by to greet you-give us time..we'll get there. If anyone knows of a blog or writes one that has not been included, please let us know. We'll be happy to add you.

I think that we as a community of bloggers are ready for a next step. So I am writing people to ask for a donation. A donation of five minutes of their time. Look through the directory and pick a blog at random.  One that you have never been to-and simply stop by and leave a comment..say hi, introduce yourself.You don't have to comment on the post..or even agree with it. This is about community building.  Lets make our community stronger...lets get to know our neighbors. Thanks.


Autism Mom Rising said...

Thank you for encouraging this next step.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Can't wait to "meet" some new people this way!

Cheryl D. said...

Great idea! On it!

Trish said...

Done! I found a new blog to read and a book that I want to buy - thanks for the motivation. :)

Kim Wombles said...

Yay! :-) Wonderful!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Love it
love the flower and the idea



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