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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Calling all bloggers 2

 Hey everyone-I hope that this post finds you all well.  We had a lovely turn out for our last "calling all bloggers post"-thank you all for your help.  As you may have heard-both Kim and myself have become a part of an exciting new project..  We are hosting a show called "The blogger Ladies" on this new autism television channel. What we do is discuss various autism related topics people have blogged about-and then direct viewers to some of the blog posts relating to those topics. We also provide on screen links to the blogs themselves.  Right now, we are still making some adjustments so that we can do the best show possible.

  I think that it is important for you all to know- that we do not critique, dissect, or criticize your posts on air(or at all!).  This is a positive show. What we do do is this-if we are discussing a certain topic we would say something like "blogger name" wrote a funny/insightful/interesting etc. post over at "blog title" here is the link. We would like to provide as many points of view as possible.

  Once again, we are looking for specific topics. (if we are repeating a request-it is because we need more posts)  Here is what we are talking about now-

GFCF diet-pro and con

Shopping-either with kids on the spectrum.  AND As an adult on the spectrum. What is bothersome?  What helps? How do you plan?

Pets/service animals-How does having family pets help-or hinder?  Do you have a service animal? What is that like? How did you go about getting one?  How do people treat you and your service animal?

Military families-how does serving in the military affect getting services.  Do you move a lot?  How does that impact you-or your kids?  etc.

Again-this doesn't have to be your own post.  It could be one that you found to be helpful/insightful/or just made your day.

Thanks so much for all your input.  Both Kim and myself very much appreciate it.


Katrin said...

I apparently have a LOT of posts on trying to survive the grocery store. The place is the most frequent bane of my existence!

What channel is your program on?

(also any chance you'd be willing to remove comment word verification? It makes posting comments inaccessible)

kathleen said...

Hi Katrin-THANK YOU so much! The program is part of a new network "The Autism channel"...right now it is available over Roku boxes..but it will be streamed over the net. The producers are planning on expanding to other venues as well..i.e. Netflix etc. Here is a link to their FB page-which has information and links to the news letter etc,

I know! Word verification has been awful. The problem is-without it..we receive something like 500 pieces of spam a day. Moderating comments would work-the problem is that it might take a day or two to get to them-and we felt bad making people wait. I'll bring this issue up with Kim and we'll see what we can come up with. Thanks again for sharing your posts. It really is appreciated.

Christopher Wheat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher Wheat said...

That's great to hear you have your own TV program! You are MORE than welcome to use me or my material from my blog:
I'll make sure that I 'like' your page on Facebook. I hope it goes real well for you! Break a Leg!

All the best,
Christopher Wheat

wishihadakarmaanghia said...

Hi - this is a post about my wonder dog, Claude. Good luck with the show.

K Wombles said...

Word verification removed--comments have been on moderation for awhile, but I forgot to tell Kathleen--they come to me and I weed through them.

Hope that makes the site more accessible.

JB JOHNSTON said... is my post about our dog.....
He is totally mad but our daughter adores him!


Think I might have cocked up last time I tried to leave a comment so will try again. Sorry for any a post about our crazy dog!

Anonymous said...

Noticed you were looking for posts about pets in families with special needs. I just posted about our family dog Charley Bear and how great he's been for our family. Let me know if we can connect!

Seth and Melanie Fowler

Anonymous said...

Noticed you were looking for posts about pets in families with special needs. I just posted about our family dog Charley Bear and how great he's been for our family. Let me know if we can connect!

Seth and Melanie Fowler

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