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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Blog Ladies Need Some Links!

Gratuitous sleeping kitty picture.
And now, stills from our show on The Autism Channel!

Here's some topics we'd like to share with viewed (over 7,000 subscribers on Roku):

I'm covering Change and how we deal with it (autistic bloggers please share your posts of how your prepare and handle change!)

We'd also like your how to handle holidays posts!

Your feedback and suggestion for topics you want to see covered would be tremendously helpful. We have a huge opportunity here to bring the best of the online world to the tv viewing world. Controversies are fine, as long as what we're sharing is constructive. Is it thoughtful, is it respectful? And hey, let's cover whether those two criteria are necessary--what if the message is important but worded in a way that doesn't quite meet the respectful? Do we have any right to argue that someone's tone is more important than the message? Should the message be the most important thing? Shouldn't it? 

Your posts on this topic, your thoughts on it would be incredibly beneficial. Do you video blog? We can showcase your blog and highlight  your video. 

Inundate us! The more ideas you give us, the more we can share relevant topics with the community and increase the conversation.

Thank you! Our bloggers are the bedrock of our show. 


Anonymous said...

I've been writing a series called "An Autistic's Holiday Survival Guide" that draws on my experiences with the holidays and little things I've done to make them (and me) more functional during the insanity of the season. I've made it into a page on my blog (which links to each of the posts separately, by topic, and is updated each time I add one). Can be found here:

Christopher Wheat said...

Actually, I just posted some thoughts on change for Christmas. I mentioned how it's hard to nail down what we're going to do year to year. You can check it out at Thank you and I hope the show is going well! Chris

kathleen said...

@thethirdglance and Christopher Wheat..Thank you both so much. We will definitely use these. :)

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