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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guest Post: Bacon and Juice Boxes: Our Life With Autism

My Pledge To My Children

I won't... demand perfection.
I will... demand your best effort.

I won't... excuse your misbehavior.
I will... defend and advocate for you until my last breath.

I won't... abandon or ignore you in rough times.
I will... give you room to succeed or fail on your own.

I won't... fight every battle for you.
I will... always have your back.

I won't... tell you how to live.
I will... offer advice and guidance.

I won't... hold a grudge when you ignore my advice.
I will... be there to comfort you when you learn a tough lesson.

I won't... always agree with your choices.
I will... honor the choices you make.

I won't... always have the right answers.
I will... help you find your way.  

I won't... ever stop loving you.
I will... try to not smother you with my love.

Daddy Loves You!

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