Friday, July 2, 2010

New to Autism? Looking for information, not conflict?

Asked recently where I'd recommend someone concerned about autism and new to the whole thing look, I tried to picture being that: new to autism, not aware of all the drama, not versed in the controversies or the woo. And then I did a google search of autism and a search on Amazon for books, and the results were woo-laden. How frightening is that? Where do people go to get what they know will be good information when they don't have enough background to know it's good? Going straight into a bookstore is going to give you McCarthy related woo, as will doing an Amazon search. No wonder parents are confused.

Here are the sites I would send parents new to autism and wanting information, not controversy or additional drama.

The first is Lisa Rudy's Autism site, specifically Is It Autism?

I would also recommend Mayo Clinic's Autism pages.

And for a blog that provides excellent explanations, I would send them to Dr. Coplan's blog over at Psychology Today.

I'd warn them, though, to avoid the comments as they explore.


Floortime Lite Mama said...

you know I could not figure out where to leave acomment on parentdish

Kim Wombles said...

The feedback button is on the top right. So far the comments remain despite repeatedly reporting them and repeated feedbacks. Disappointing to say the least.



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