Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Presents under the tree...


  It is the holiday season for many of us..A time of mad, cooking..celebrating. A time of highs and lows..of joys and is a busy time. I also think of it as a time of giving thanks-of taking a moment and looking at all that I have... a wonderful family, remarkable friends, I am part of a community...I have such joy and I am blessed.  Our directory has steadily grown-our community flourishes.

  Both Kim and myself want to take a moment to thank you.  When we started this directory, the most important aspect to us was community building. We wanted a place where everyone, regardless of their opinion had a place to be heard..a place to be listened to. A place to share ideas, stories, struggles and triumphs. Where we could all learn from each other-free of charge.

  To me, finding a new blog is like opening a present on Christmas morning. It is a new story, a new ideas-and how wonderful is that?  Sometimes you come a cross a post that really hits home.
Something that makes you think, or laugh-or just nod your head in total understanding.  There have been many of them for me this year.  Too many to list.  Yesterday, I was discussing this with Jen (a wonderful blogger), and she suggested we list some of our favorite posts/blogs of the year. What a fabulous idea.  So, I am going to extend that invitation to everyone in our community. What are some of the best posts you have read or written?  What has inspired you, or made you laugh, cry..or think?  What posts made a difference?

  I want to start a yearly tradition here.  Pretend this post is a tree and your comments are the presents. Let us know which blogger made a difference to you-what posts stood out?  I'll take all of your comments and put them in an end of the year package for all of us to share.

  Until then, both Kim and myself wish you all the most wonderful stress free holiday season.  Peace and joy to everyone...



Aspergirl Maybe said...

As a recent addition to the directory, I am thankful to Laura at The House That Asperger Built for welcoming me and to the others who have stopped by and commented already. This is an emotional journey of discovery for me, so I appreciate the support.

Kim Wombles said...


I love this idea! :-)

Aspergirl Maybe, I hope you find lots of support and friendship here. :-)

Jen said...

Love the tree idea, it is perfect. Can I name two bloggers that inspire me (to be patient, kind and enjoy my childrens quirks) Kathleen and Blue Sky. Actually, it is hard to even only say two!! Jen

kathleen said...

Oh Thanks Jen! :) Wish some more people would come around and comment-but it is a busy time..perhaps I'll extend this through New years?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this going a little longer. I've been so busy that I almost missed it. I love so many posts that picking just one wasn't easy.

However, the one that made a difference in my understanding, was the November 14, 2010 post at Life in the House that Asperger Built, "Sprechen Sie…Deutsch?" Part of the reason I pick this one is that Kateryna Fury's comment explained to me for the first time the way I believe my own child experiences the world. Afterwards I went to Kateryna's site and discovered that she had other posts that also made perfect sense to me. I wish I had both Laura and Kateryna years ago so I could have understood things sooner.

kathleen said...

Thanks dswalker!! What lovely recommendations..yes, it seems that everyone is very busy-so I'll let the comments pile up and then write a compilation..Thanks so much for yours.

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