Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part 3 of the PBS Autism Now

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.


sharon Morris said...

THis was interesting. What sort of reputation does the MIND institute have?

Kim Wombles said...


Overall, I think (but could be wrong) that it has a good reputation; it has a multi-disciplinary approach.

I have a feeling that, much like Simon Baron-Cohen's lab's reputation in the autism community, it depends on the ideology of the person looking at it.

Jess said...

The third segment was by far the most informative. The first video was terribly negative, they should have had atleast one family that does not see it as a tragedy. The second video was good except that they did not mention once any of the strengths and unique qualities of those kids. The Mind Institute is extremely reputable. I am from Sacramento and my son has a referral there, just waiting. They are not only going to give a complete neuro evaluation but they are going to give recommendations for what type of learning style he has and evaluate his physical symptoms as well. I'm excited.

sharon Morris said...

Thanks Kim and Jess, there were a few comments by the Neurologist that seemed a bit questionable so it got me wondering. Such as the mind/guy connection. She seemed to be taking a bit of a Wakefield angle.



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