Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shatner Will Always, Always Rule

For all our fellow geeks and nerds and Star Trek lovers.


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If you liked Star Trek or Boston Legal or Shit My Dad Says (or T.J. Hooker, or any of the other shows Shatner has done over the last five decades), reading Shatner's latest book is a bright spot, a delight. If you pop for the kindle version, you can even listen to Shatner read it (which I may very well have to do!).

Shatner's book is an easy read, flowing gently and meandering as it suited him. Shatner makes the rules. At 80, he remains humorous and charming. He's also pretty damn frank in this book, too, and if you think he feels fondly about George Takei and Nichelle Nichols, you'd be wrong. Thirty some years of the mutterings of his co-stars has had its effect, and he doesn't mince words. He also points out how stupid that kind of emnity is given their advanced ages and how they could better use their time.

If there's one thing that's abundantly clear it is that time is something Shatner uses to its fullest. He's a busy man, even at 80, and making the most of his time. It's inspiring to read and see that 80 can be even busier than 40, filled with good work, good friends, and close family.

Shatner is bluster and swagger and primal male, still. But Bill, he's a nice guy, a family guy, and a gentleman. I like them both very much.

It was a lovely book to read, and Lily's excited to read it next. We love Shatner in this house, no matter what his age or what he's playing in. All the Shatners in one evening is fun to do, and Rosie was disappointed when Shit My Dad Says was canceled. She adored watching Star Trek and then diving into the new show when it came on. Neither girl ever worried or wondered over the marvel of seeing a young William Shatner and an old William Shatner. All they cared was that it was Shatner.
Here's to hoping for another twenty productive years, Bill. You rock! I grew up watching you, am growing old watching you, and am honored to watch my children grow up watching you act, listening to your music, and reading your books (TekWar and the Star Trek books!). You have shaped me and permeated my life. When I'm down I listen to The Transformed Man. Thank you for your contributions. You'll always be the best Star Trek captain. :)


Floortime Lite Mama said...

Must get it
It really sounds wonderful
Loved him in boston legal

Anonymous said...

Shatner rocks! I have to go find shit my dad says, I missed that somehow...



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