Monday, March 18, 2013

Are you Aware?

As it is almost the month of April-and all things " awareness"..So, Kim and I thought that we would bring you all up to date on the goings on at the directory..

Firstly, we are looking for blog posts on Autism Awareness month. What do you think about it? Good, bad, indifferent?  We'd love to know your thoughts. If you would like to write or share a guest post on the topic-email us.  We would enjoy sharing your thoughts. You could also just leave us a link to your post in the comments section here. Just let us know if you want us to post it here.

It has been a long winter.  Both Kim and myself have dealt with a number of ups and downs that have taken up much of our time. This has kept us from doing as much as we have wanted to on the directory. As you know, we have been trying to help promote "The Autism Channel"-an exciting new channel devoted entirely to the world of autism.(If you have a Roku box-the channel is free!) We have mentioned them a number of times on the directory, and have even co-written a blog post together for their web page. We really appreciate all of the work that they are doing! We'd love if you would go on over and give them a look-maybe even a" like" on their Facebook page.

  Spring is almost here and Kim and myself are feeling a bit more rejuvenated. The demands on our time have considerably lessened. Isn't it funny how things work that way?  One minute, everyone wants your attention-and the's almost as if you aren't necessary anymore!  Needless to say, If you have written us requesting to be on the directory, or to guest post-don't be dismayed if we haven't responded. It was a long Winter, and we are just now starting to get caught up on the back log. Thanks so much for your patience.  Both Kim and I appreciate it so much. Without all of you-there would not be a directory.

  As it stands now, we are getting between ten and fifteen thousand hits here a week! We have come a long way since we first started this over three years ago. As you all know, we do not accept money or advertising for this blog site.  We never have-we never will.  We want a place where everyone is accepted and included-a place where we can share our ideas-where we can find over cacophony. All of you are helping to make this happen-and we thank you. As always, we are on the look out for new blogs and guest posts.  Please email us if you want to be included-or know of a blog that should be. It is our goal to make this one of the friendliest resources for autism and disability blogs on the internet.  If you haven't yet, we ask that you come on over to our Facebook page and give us a "like".  The more people that know about us-the more we can grow.  Thank you so much and happy (almost) Spring!


Momma Melly said...

Congratulations on fifteen thousands hits a week! That's absolutely amazing! Way to go!! :)

I'm happy to hear Kim and yourself are feeling better. Spring has a way of bringing out the happy in me too.

I think spreading any autism awareness is fantastic! I want to dedicate several blogs on the topic. Such as my experiences with my son, how we cope etc. It's a great idea to share as much awareness as possible.

I'm off to find your Facebook page and like it.

*hugs from NB, Canada!*

Unknown said...

Love your directory! We're so excited for "Light it up Blue" tomorrow and will be giving a Puzzle Watch-a-day for all of April to spread Autism Awareness! Check out our blog:

Thanks for all that you do!

Lauren Cosby
Flex Watches, Social Media Director

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love if you checked out my post and if you felt it alright, shared it here :-)
The link for it is:

Gin Dreyer said...

Check me out at

I created this blog to help spread awareness at the high school where I teach, but I want to reach so many more than just our campus. Awareness is important and necessary before we can reach acceptance.

Alyssa said...

I just found this site today- I am looking forward to going through the blogs here. I started a "mommy-ish" blog before my son was diagnosed with autism and now that autism is a part of our lives, it has become a bit of a platform for helping my friends and family (and anyone else who reads it) come to understand autism and the way it effects our son and our family. Here is my post on Autism Awareness:

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Hi, someone was kind enough to link my blog here, which I appreciate. I love your effort here, as it is clear that it is an inclusive one.

I like an inclusive effort and have been exploring the topics of Autism Awareness and Acceptance this month on my blog.

I will provide the two links here. You are welcome to use the posts if you want to, in anyway you see fit. I am on the spectrum and my thinking is a little out of the box. At least, that is what I have been told. :)

Again, this is a wonderful effort and thank you so much for what you are doing here, to give everyone a voice. :)

The "Broader Amish Autism Phenotype" vs. "The Autistic Matrix" (An "out of the box" view on Acceptance):

Autism Acceptance vs. Awareness:

Sierra Nibbe said...


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