Saturday, May 29, 2010

Showcasing Blogs Worthy of Your Time: Give a Holler

It seems that drama and polarization get the lion's share of attention; if nothing else, reality television proves this. Any storyteller worth her salt knows there must be a conflict, that the heroine must attempt and fail a couple of times before resolving the situation.

That leaves powerfully little time and attention spent on the good, the positive, the community building efforts. We need bad guys to fight against, to get all fired up.

It takes effort to choose to look to other stories, to positive pieces, to happy events. We'll showcase blogs over the summer that we feel offer positive pieces and hopeful stories, as well as real and relevant pieces relating to parenting a child on the spectrum or being on the spectrum.

First up is the blog The Domestic Goddess. She's funny, she's real, and her posts range from the hopeful to the all-too-real that we can, if we are parents, relate to all too well. I hope you'll drop by, give her a read, and say hi.

Community building begins with conversation. If we don't leave a little note to share that we were there, that we appreciated what we read (or if we didn't, a calm, matter-of-fact expression of disagreement), we'll never get where we want to be.


Floortime Lite Mama said...

Thanks for the recommendation kwombles
Look forward to checking out the Domestic goddess

Kim Wombles said...




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