Monday, November 1, 2010

Autistic People Communicate

     To effectively communicate, we must     realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our 
communication with others.
          ~Anthony Robbins~

   When my boys were younger, they were non verbal. They did not have words, and yet they communicated.  They did not have the internet, and yet they communicated. My children did not have cell phones or touchpads or keyboards, and yet they communicated. They have ALWAYS communicated.  I simply had to listen.

Today there is a call for a "communication shut down" in which people are staying off of the internet in order to raise awareness about autism-specifically non verbal autistic people. This is supposedly to teach non autistic people what it feels like to have no means of communication. I think that this is a mistake. I think that if you want to raise awareness about autism, you should listen to what autistic people are saying.  Autistic people communicate.  They always have.  People just need to learn how to listen.

So today, instead of shutting down-I'm going to open up.  Below is a list of autistic bloggers. I encourage everyone to go on over and read them..but more importantly, listen to what they are saying.
Autism Blogs Directory
Autistics speaking Day


Melody said...

I noticed my blog wasn't included below. I know there were quite a few posts made yesterday so it's hard to get to them all. But wanted to offer it up for anyone who does have the time/inclination to read it.

Autistic Speaking Day

Kim Wombles said...

Thank you for sharing your link. We only listed blogs from our section of bloggers on the spectrum; we weren't actually listing blog posts written in honor of the day as other sites were doing that. :-)

Kim Wombles said...

I've added your site to the directory. :-)



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