Sunday, May 22, 2011

High School Junior To Complete the World's Largest Puzzle to Raise $24,000 for Autism Speaks

Every Piece Counts Teaser Video from Kaitlin Reilly on Vimeo.

High School Junior To Complete the World's Largest Puzzle to Raise $24,000 for Autism Speaks

 Kaitlin Reilly, will be completing the ‘World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle’ (24,000 pieces / 14’ x 5’), entitled, “Life”, to raise $24,000 for Autism Research and Autism Awareness. She has been working on jigsaw puzzles for the last seven years and feels that this is her biggest challenge yet. The "Life" puzzle is in the Guinness World Book of Records and she currently holds the following titles - “Youngest in the World to Complete Solo”, “The Youngest in the World Solo after Mixing All the Puzzle Pieces Prior to Assembling” and “First to Complete in New Jersey, USA” (all when she was only 15 years old). Her project is called “Every Piece Counts” and you can read all about it at her website:


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