Monday, May 9, 2011

Will work for candy...

 Kathleen: As you all know-this directory is free.  Both Kim and myself are more interested in building a community than in making money for this.  We have gotten many offers to advertise or sell space on this directory.  All of which we have turned down.  Until last week...

  We were contacted by Sweet Pete's a company that specializes in all natural candy.  They asked if we would share some information about them-specifically their gluten free caramels, with our members. Of course our first inclination was to send them our standard "thanks but no thanks"- we aren't interested in advertising. BUT, and this is where I hang my head in shame...they offered to send some free samples. Free candy! Free candy to me-the woman whose food pyramid base is chocolate! How could we resist?  I admit-I justified it by saying "gluten free? it's probably awful...but I will bite the bullet if it means sparing people from having to taste it themselves." and "Anything for the community!!"  Oh, I was just so noble-till the candy arrived.

  Five caramels individually wrapped in a little bag. They looked good. I immediately thought "Well, my boys don't like, one for each girl one for Omar and that leaves two for me."...and then I tasted one and thought "well the girls are at school and don't know about it, and Omar doesn't really care for candy.."  They were THAT good...buttery, chewy, melt in your mouth delicious. I don't know how it happened-but my five  pieces of caramel goodness were gone within the hour. But not all is lost! I do know how to get more!

Kim: I, too, must admit that my resistance immediately melted after reading the email from Sweet Pete's. First of all, how can you resist Sweet Pete? Bitter Pete? Sugar-free Pete? Sure. Not Sweet Pete. No. And I gotta tell y'all, this is a sacrifice that was terribly easy to make for me. No, the hesitation didn't even last a moment and when those wonderful little caramels got here, well, I did better than Kathleen, slightly. I ate one immediately. I savored it! Oh my gods, Sweet Pete's is right, first there's that lovely salty taste and then heaven. Sheer chewy heaven.

I shared, though. You have to be proud of me for that. They're really chewy, so I gave the girls each a half and should have videoed them. It was a hoot; you work for that candy, you know? It's not a candy you're going to want to give kids with chewing issues. More for you, though. I gave my husband a whole one. Never again. I told them they were sea salt caramels and the first thing he said, mid-chew, was "That's salty." Well, ummm, didn't he hear me? The boy was slightly less annoying and said it was salty but good. When I order more (and oh I am going to order!), I am NOT sharing.

I have one delightful caramel left, which I took a picture of to share with y'all. Admire my resistance to temptation, people! It's the finest caramel I have ever eaten, and I am a dedicated caramel eater. 

You can order you some of these lovely caramels and other goodies by going to Sweet Pete's website.

Disclosure: Kathleen and I were provided 5 caramels each to sample. We apparently won't accept money, but we will work for candy. Hint, hint. :-) 


Kim Wombles said...

And I ordered some caramels today; they have chocolate covered caramels! :-)

Trish said...

You guys are too funny! I think I might need some of these myself, never mind that my son who is actually on the diet wouldn't touch a caramel if his life depended on it. ;)



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