Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Request for School-related Posts

Last year, I held a Beat the Back to School Jitters event locally, and we asked for articles from our bloggers so that the directory could hold a virtual event. I'm hosting the event again this year, and would like to request posts related to going back to school.

If you're on the spectrum, how did/do you get ready to go back to school? What tips do you have for kids?

If you're a parent, what do you do?

If you're a service provider or educator, what do you wish parents did to make the transition easier?

The event has its own blogsite, and I'll link to your articles there and here on the directory.


Trish said...

Here's a couple you might like for this project:

Back to School Transitions -

Organizational Skills and the Pack-Up Routine -

Kim Wombles said...

Thanks, Trish. I'll add the links to the blog.

farmwifetwo said...

When Russ changed classrooms and moved to this school he always had a book. It said goodbye to the old room, and hello to the new.

When he transfered to self-contained (Gr 4) he not only had that book - always full of photos - he had a book of all his classmates in Gr 3 and they all had written a note to him. He also went to the new classroom twice. Once with me, once with me but me going to have a coffee and coming back after a few hours. Ironically, he had no trouble with the transfer until Oct... then we think is when he realized he would not be returning to his old school. Using social stories etc, they pushed that he was there to stay etc and after a couple of weeks he settled down. Now, he's fine.

That teacher does a "this is you (height, weight) at the start of the year, and end of the year" Plus a collage of activities for them at the end of the year. She also does a lot of work getting them use to those leaving, and those coming. She's very proactive on smooth transitions for any activity.

We are moving 2 next year. One to highschool, one to Gr 7 or home. The eldest will go to his new highschool as often as necessary. There's even a teacher in the board that transfers the ASD kids to highschool. She takes them to see the school herself and makes certain they are comfortable. Yes, final decision is mine... yes, I'll be going at the beginning of Oct to see it for myself - kidless... but it's nice to have the help.

The other will be the same if he goes into 7 and if not again when he goes into 9. Already talked to his highschool (different than older bro) and they will be here, there and school (if he goes to Jr High) trips by all parties to tranfer him it.

It's a big deal here... but I suspect like all places it's directly proportional on how involved you are as a parent. I'm one of the annoying ones :)



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