Thursday, July 26, 2012

What do you think?

Kim and I had a request today. There is company ( Isis Insights) that has developed a behavioral collection data system.( that is currently used by seven school boards in Ontario) I went over to their site and took a look. This program documents behaviors- the frequency of them, analysis( i.e. triggers, how long they lasted, what stopped them), self care, etc. Currently, it is being used to develop IEP's in the best possible way for the individual-based on the input.

 Isis Insights is considering developing a home version of this tool. Giving parents a way to collect data from the time of diagnosis. So, they asked us to present you with this query..

"If available, would you take the time to collect data on behaviors/skills in order to obtain evidence-based data that could be shared with teachers, doctors, and support resources?"
. Here is a link to their website. Let us know what you think. Thanks so much


smores2002 said...

I have an iPad which has some similar apps. I Started using but the free edition kept a small, limited amount of info. I love the idea of a simple way of tracking behavior, triggers, etc. I have multiple children, possibly more than one on the spectrum, and keeping track by writing in a journal can be lengthy and time good way of sharing info with doctor. This would be a key way of helping communicate so much in a simple way.

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