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Monday, November 12, 2012

What Would You Like Us To Cover?

Kathleen and I are so pumped that our initial interviews with Dan Heinlein on I Am Autistic went live this weekend on The Autism Channel (available on Roku).

Photo: This week see a special I Am Autistic show with Daniel Heinlein talks with The Blog Ladies, who's show premieres later in the week!

In our first time on the air, we discussed the industrial bleach "cure" going around, Simon Baron-Cohen and Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg's rebuttal. We talked about inclusion and rejecting excluding the various voices in the autism community, how important we believe diversity is, and how the most important voices in the autism dialogue are the autistic voices.

We've covered some issues in upcoming segments, but we'd like to know what things y'all would like to see covered.

Are you an autistic blogger with an issue in the community you'd like to see us cover? Have you written a post on that issue? Do you know of other voices (like I did with guardianship) covering the same issue from a different perspective?

This is our chance as autism-related bloggers to make sure the things we care about are brought up for a more general audience, our chance to get voices heard, to direct people to you, our bloggers and friends.

We look forward to reading your ideas and getting your links. Thank you, because without you, well, we wouldn't be talking about blogs, would we? We can always fall back to talking about scrapbooking chickens, which could be interesting, but I think you--your voices, your thoughts, your interests are far more important and far more interesting.


Christopher Wheat said...

My wife tried to get our daughters on social security disablity, but they were denied because our daughters were, literally, too smart! I wish I was kidding, but it's true. Prices on medication are really jumping so we thought this would help...but the government doesn't seem to understand the term "disability".

kathleen said...

Thanks Christopher..I absolutely understand-sadly. May I ask what State you live in? I could ask around and see if anyone has any suggestions for you.if you aren't comfortable posting where you live here-you could always email me at I can see if I can find info for you Great idea(s) for a topic-thanks.

Christopher Wheat said...

Everyone knows from my blog: Pressing Puzzles. It's Missouri. I just wish I had the equipment to watch your show!

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