Monday, June 21, 2010

Have an Open Mind, just not so open, it all falls out

Three blogs and the directory under which they were placed are gone. When you advocate and push for people to contact a researcher's university to get him fired, we don't have to direct any traffic to you. When you take pride in trying to bring the vaccine program to its knees, we don't have to link to you.

There's a place for inclusion. But if you're actively seeking to destroy people's careers because you don't like them, it's not here.

We're happy to include a diversity of voices about autism, but hate speech, attempts to get people fired, and outright lies and misinformation we won't link to.


kathleen said...

just catching up on all of this now..sigh. There is so much that needs to be done-and yet..we have people who would rather spend their time denigrating another person instead of looking for solutions. Thanks for removing them...sad week for us huh-that's what? 4 blogs...sigh

Kim Wombles said...


We managed to add some lovely blogs in, though, so I hope folks will look around, take the time and suggest more blogs.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

How disappointing
Glad you deleted them

kathleen said...

yes-I do hope they look around-and at least say hi. community is like that-you know?

Lynn said...

Wow...I'm glad that I don't know what blog your talking about. Sounds ugly.

I didn't see a way to submit a blog for consideration for your directory, so I hope you don't mind me submitting it here.

No controversy blog is meant to be a humorous diversions for my fellow special needs parents.

Thanks for your consideration!

Kim Wombles said...

Lynn, we're delighted to add you. :-)

Katie said...

Ugh, I just wish people who disagree could just do it respectfully.

I never got to say this before, but thanks for adding my blog to the directory :)



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