Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Many!

I realized this week that we now have so many blogs with frequent posters that I can no longer make it to everyone's blog each day to see what's new in our community members' lives, and I think that's a good thing (the so many, not the lack of time)! We have over 150 family blogs, around 90 blogs by individuals either on the spectrum or with a disability, and close to 50 miscellaneous blogs filed under hodge-podge.

I hope that if you haven't expanded the directories out to see who all's listed, that you'll take a spare minute and see if you can find new faces and go by and say hi. And if you see we've missed a blog, drop me an email and I'll add them. I almost always get them added in less than 24 hours after I've been emailed. :-) 


kathleen said...

Isn't it great??!! I think I'll start from the very last listing there is and work my way back..

Jean said...

That's great news XXX

Autism Mom Rising said...

K, the work you are doing as a bridge builder is much needed. It shows in the number of people joining Thank you for doing it!



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