Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bullying: Let's Find a Way to Stop It.

It's what we fear for our children: bullies. The world is no kinder than it was when we were children; I'm sure we can all remember the bullies of our childhood, even if we were never a target.

The stories of children who have been bullied continue unabated, a steady trickle in the news for the most sensational or tragic of the cases, but most stories are untold, unheard, silent. Children suffer, and parents ache as they fight the school districts to take their child's story seriously. How many of us simply pull our children from the schools, bring them home and teach them ourselves? I know that the complete inadequacy of the school systems to properly educate and protect my bright boy led to my bringing him home to educate him, and I watch my girls like a hawk to see how they're doing at school (so far there's been no bullying of them, although there have been the occasional tiffs that kids have).

Emily at A Life Less Ordinary? makes a call to action, to do something about bullying. Let's. Let's put our heads together as community members, parents and individuals, many of us undoubtedly at some point bullied, and work together to say no more to tolerance of the cruel actions of bullies.


m said...

yeah, i struggled with this one. i'm adult now, but when i was a kid, but the bullying was a regular thing.

my parents never responded appropriately. they encouraged me to "defend" myself, thought standing up to bullies was the way to go. which completely fails to address the problem.

when i was in sixth grade they put me into karate, thinking that would help. i was very confused by that one, my only thought was, "now i'll be around kids who have permission to hit me!"

i don't know, it's a whole thing, an issue too many people fail to take seriously.

Autism Mom Rising said...

We have no experience with this. Kids are often much nicer to the kids with more involved forms of Autism, for some reason. They are ruthless to Asperger kids though....maybe they think they are choosing to be different or something. Please let us know what to do....calls to school boards, legislatures, whatever it may be.



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