Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

Kathleen and I had a lovely time with the Versatile Blogger Award last week, so I've decided to create the Sunshine Blog Award to give to one blogger a week (a month, or, ah, whenever the mood strikes us) this award for a post that touches us and makes us laugh or smile. Hey, you're free to do the same! Taking the time to share with our blogging friends when they've touched us, made our day better through their words, that's a nice thing to do. We can all spread a little sunshine.

Getting the award confers to obligations or requirements on the blogger; I just wanted a way to say I really appreciated the blogger's words. :-)

So I award the first sunshine blog award to Mir of  Woulda Coulda Shoulda for her blog post "Love Happens in Words, in Moments" for making me smile this morning. :-)  Life is never perfect, but she gets it, gets that finding the funny, the wonderful, the good in between all the other stuff, well, that's a ray of sunshine!


Mir said...

My goodness, thank you very much. May all your ceilings be hammy, in your OWN room! ;)

Autism Mom Rising said...

What a lovely idea! Thanks for introducing me to this great blog.

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