Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are not a gated community..

  When Kim and I started discussing the idea of this bloglist, we had one concept in mind-building community.  We thought that it would be wonderful to get everyone in one place with the idea of building on common ground.  We are all together in this world-diverse and different.  We all have a voice and deserve to be listened to, we also have the responsibility of listening to each other.

   This place is for many voices, different ideas and different points of view. Where commonality is more important than difference of opinion. I think that I can say with confidence that we all want a better world for ourselves and our families. Every blog here is worthy of inclusion and acceptance-just as the people who write them are.

  We now have over 350 blogs listed. How wonderful is that?  We are constantly on the hunt for new blogs to add to the directory.  We are also interested in listing blogs by individuals and families dealing with any kind of adversity and/or challenge. It need not be about autism.  Anyone looking for support and community.   As always, if you know of a blog that is not listed-or you would like your blog listed-Email us.  You will find our addresses on the right side of this page. Lets keep building our community-one blog at a time.

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