Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Post by Autistic and Awesome

Autistic and Awesome has written an interesting piece on facilitated communication. Much of the criticism of FC comes from the scientific and medical fields, with much of the support coming from various universities, like Syracuse, and autism organizations.

In recent months, it's become apparent that FC, despite continuing evidence that it's facilitator co-option, is increasing in popularity in the autism community. It's not an easy thing, in the midst of bloggers who wholeheartedly support FC users, to continue to call foul on FC and the facilitators who are all but ensuring their clients never learn to communicate authentically.

Autistic and Awesome's post can be found here.  This is an excerpt of this must-read piece.

In the autism community, there is a magical world of make-believe.
In the magical world of make-believe, non-verbal autistic children who had received no education in the three R’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic, or anything else either, suddenly know how to use complex language to communicate their complex thoughts and feelings as soon as someone shows up to move their fingers around a keyboard, the bester to rescue them from their trapped existence in their miserable prisons, their bodies that motor fine for many activities requiring fine motor skills, but typing on a keyboard not included.

It should be remembered, if it's too good to be true, it generally is. Critical thinking, skepticism, and a desire to protect the rights of all individuals to learn at their own pace are must-haves in the autism community.

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