Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where do the blog ladies meet IN PERSON FOR REAL?...any suggestions?

Kathleen and I are closing in on four years of a wonderful friendship. For the first couple years, I didn't even know what she looked like! And we didn't talk on the phone until last year, but we've still never met in person!

We're finally ready to plan that meeting for this summer, but we need suggestions as to location. My mind draws a complete blank when it comes to trying to figure out where we should pick. Kathleen is in Maine and I'm in Texas. The halfway point is, of all places, Kentucky, but really, the potential places we could meet for a couple days is wide open.

Care to offer us any suggestions?
What out of the way places can you think of?
What unexpected places can you dream up?

Two things it has to be: NOT a dry county. We don't want to drive for booze. :-)
Plus, it can't be totally backwater--would like to be able to stay at a reasonably priced hotel chain.


Tammy Smith said...

Hi! My name is Tammy and my son's have fragile x syndrome! Something that is debated back and forth over whether or not it's on the autism spectrum. It's similar anyway. :) Getting to the place where you wanted to meet up each other have you thought about Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge TN? One of them is in a dry county but the other one isn't I don't think. My ex husband and I would take our kids and it seems like we could by drinks in one town but not the other and they are very close together. Summer time is more expensive there but if you meet up this time of year you can get some spectacular room deals. I'm not sure how much of a discount you can get but back when I went in the winter we got got about a 70% discount on our room. At check it out. You can call the Chamber of Commerce for both towns and find out if they are in a dry county. Good Luck on your search for a wonderful town to go to. Also you could come to my home state of SC. We don't have a dry county anywhere. Just no beer on Sunday unless go to a bar/restaurant serving it. Greenville is wonderful and so is Charleston! Again good luck on your search!

Diane said...

Maybe you should visit some of your bloggers! The farms for autism are all over the U.S. Our farm is not halfway but you are welcome here at Juniper Hill anytime! And Dude Im an Aspie Matt Friedman is a regular volunteer here. The sunflowers will be in bloom, the baby cashmere goats will be born..... We are an hour from Philadelphia, two to Washington DC....3 to New York City...... And 15 minutes from Longwood Gardens.... (Garden Hilton or Fairfield Inn). There is also an awesome bed and breakfast (Speedwell Forge) at the Wolf Sanctuary of PA....Which is 15 minutes from Lancaster (Amish country) .... really peaceful for planning and writing.... About an hour from here..... Good Luck with your planning!

Adelaide Dupont said...


I wonder if either of the Blog Ladies or their connections have contacted the Automobile Association of America, where they can probably get good stuff if they are members (for example: reduced fees to special places).

Are there also any military connections or reduced rates?

Definitely think about the Chamber of Commerce and agricultural life, as commented upon in the two comments above me.

Am reading the Running Books Encyclopaedia to brush up on USA geography (it's a 1995 edition). This is how I found out that Kentucky's flower was a Goldenrod. (What about a public garden or a water park?)

kathleen said...

These all sound great...Kim and I have some planning to do! Thanks all!

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