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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Sirenity's nephew
"As many of you already know, we are trying to help my nephew who is now 18 months old.

He was left with us at the end of February with two changes of clothing, a dozen diapers and a playpen.  My brother has NHL (T Cell). 
My nephew has presented with some alarming behaviours that resulted in several asessments (by a medical doctor, an occupational therapist, a child pshychiatrist).  The reports we gathered were indicative of medical and emotional neglect, poor nutrition and sensory perception disorder.

A court battle for custody is in teh process.  As I did not have any sort of custody (besides defacto) the asessments (except for one) were out of pocket expenses.  There are also legal fees, fees for a court ordered section 15 and psychological testing of all the adults in both my home and my brothers.

So far we have spent over 10,000 cdn dollars and fundraised approximately 2500 dollars.

If you can help we are most appreciative."

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