Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Must Reads: EEEEing

I'm going to take a friend's license and plug two posts by two of my friends. Kathleen runs the directory with me here, as well as a couple of other blogs we corun with Thelma and Louise. She is, in my opinion (biased, of course, since she is one of my absolute favorite people in the world), a wonderful writer, funny, poignant, heartwarming, and real. On Countering today I recommended folks go read her latest post. It's well worth your time. In light of another recommendation I'm going to make in a second, I really hope you'll take the time to go read another post of Kathleen's as well, To EEEE or not to EEEE.

Another one of my favorite writers is Emily at A Life Less Ordinary. Her post yesterday is so worth your time, and on the heels of Kathleen's second post I've linked to, just a perfect companion piece.

I have been truly fortunate to read some wonderful people and over the last year; I have been even luckier to become friends with so many neat, interesting people. :-)

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