Monday, September 26, 2011

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Curtis's "BFF" from Kindergarten to Second grade has transferred to a new school down the road. I have written about their relationship in past posts but to refresh a bit - Curtis and "Jenny" have a unique and devoted love to one another that I have never seen between two kids, ever. Jenny is a beautiful blond who is smitten over Curtis's brains, style and personality. Curtis is an adorable young man who is smitten over her brains, style and personality as well. Curtis use to carry her lunch box for her, draw her maps to his house, walk hand in hand with her down the halls and pull out her chair in the classroom when she was approaching. He got so upset one day when his teacher re-arranged the desks in the classroom and placed her desk across the room from his that he insisted on moving them all back so he could sit next to his BFF forever and always. I will never forget watching him take matters into his own hands rearranging the desks back to the places that they "should be" - I sat back and let him do it with such a smile on my face. He is so devoted to Jenny that this year, as he is forming friendships with some new kids, he is making it loud and clear to them that there is only room for one "BFF" in his life -  Jenny. He has voiced that one day he would like to take his BFF and marry her - he has big (but I am assuming quite predictable and simple) plans for this relationship. He has even gone as far as to mention that after they marry and become husband and wife the BFF title will be dropped and no one else will EVER be able to take that place.

Between now and marriage Curtis and myself will be making monthly field trips to her new school to have lunch dates with her, visit her new classroom and play tag at recess. He also has insisted that we stop by a local cupcake shop to get her a cupcake, vanilla of course as she hates chocolate. We have planed to do this "social field trip" the first Monday of every month. In between these field trips, Curtis is writing her letters the old fashion way and drawing beautiful pictures of her (seen in photo). On a personal level I miss "Jenny" a great deal as well - she was always by my side complimenting me on my "style" or scratching Curtis' back if I was too far away. She would always step up and offer comfort to Curtis when I was out sick and make sure he had his water bottle, clip board and red crayon in hand.  All of this was not done out of pity, I can assure you that. I have a good sense in reading people and Jenny truly felt connected to Curtis. I will foster this relationship as much as I can while working with Curtis - in a world where social devotion is limited, this is worth savoring.

Caron, 1:1 School Support

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