Friday, September 23, 2011

Write Fox over Glee.

From Sue at Delightfully Different, a request for readers to write Fox over the Glee episode.

I hope all of you will write to Fox: to request an apology from the writers of Glee.  They require the following: In order for us to quickly help you, would you be so kind as to email us with the following additional details:

Your City:
Your Fox Station:
Your Zip Code:
Actual Channel Tuned to:
Cable or Satellite or Antenna?:
--If cable or satellite, your provider?
Type of Set Top Box Used (Name and Model if available):
Are there other times when the problem happens (like during another show or during local news)?:


D. S. Walker said...

Thanks for posting this Kim. If anyone wonders what this is about. Glee had an episode on Tuesday with a character named Sugar who claims to be "self diagnosed" with Asperger's. She saids this gives her the right to say whatever she feels with no consequences. Some believe this was meant to make fun of those who aren't really on the autism spectrum at all, but it did not feel that way to me. As many of you know my daughter experienced bullying related to being different so to me this is not funny especially because the school told me that some of the kids thought my daughter was mean that year. She has never knowingly been rude to a teacher so this really is not funny.

Amy J said...

Thank you! I will write. Normally Glee is a guilty pleasure, but the way they did the character was pretty insulting, in my book. I told my husband about it and said, "Was that REALLY necessary?"

Jaxmom said...

Yes, I was also offended by this character. I thought it was in poor taste and was very uncomfortable about it. I've since read that this character will be around for at least three episodes and may become a regular character. Don't like her at all!



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