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Showcase-Follow the Wabbit

It is a pleasure to introduce Follow the Rabbit. It is a wonderfully illustrated story blog about the daily adventures of Wabbit and his friends(ghost bunny and big blue snail). Each post details these colorful characters in short but very funny blog entries.  I think that everyone-no matter what age, can enjoy this.  In order to thoroughly appreciate it-I suggest that you start from the beginning and read your way forward.  We were very lucky here at the directory-we were able to find an interview with the Wabbit himself. I hope that you all go on over and visit the Wabbit.  It really is a lot of fun 

We were asked to give an account of how writer and photographer, Coinneach Shanks and illustrator, Clari Csuk collaborated on development of the Wabbit Adventures. So we decided to hand the whole matter over to the Wabbit.  Well, he rather insisted ...

Producer: Silence in the Studio please. Commander Wabbit is just arriving ...

Interviewer: Welcome Commander Wabbit.

The Wabbit: Commander is just fine! May I press these buttons?

Interviewer: Better not, Commander.

The Wabbit: Oh all right. How may I be of assistance to your listeners?

Interviewer. Would you tell us of your rise to prominence?  

The Wabbit: It is all due to my originators, Coinneach and Clari. For some time  I was merely an idea, a whim but a substantial whim.

Interviewer: How does a whim become a reality?

The Wabbit: Through Twitter! I leapt onto the page and started calling out that I was delayed. Which I was. Everyone was waiting for the Wabbit. But before very long, Coinneach started to recount my adventures to all my followers in a blog on that Internet device thingy. 

Interviewer: But we couldn't really see you Commander, could we?

The Wabbit: Well what the viewer saw was what I could see. They saw through my eyes. Coinneach used to bend down with his camera to my height but of course no-one could see me, only what I saw!  It was Clari Csuk who made me visible. First she fashioned a fine Twitter avatar and then one day Coinneach received a wonderful  portrait through the mail. It is an extraordinary thing! It clothed me in a superhero costume and conferred upon me some extra-special abilities. 

Interviewer: Perhaps you could give our listeners some examples of your Clari Csuk super powers?

The Wabbit: Of course! Super hearing, hovering and a universal translator. Now I only wear the cloak for formal occasions like a Gala Dinner or marching or jumping from high buildings into heli-choppers.

Interviewer: Ah yes, your adventures. How did all the characters come into being?

The Wabbit: (laughing through his 28 teeth) The first character wasn't me it all! It was that Skratch the Cat Burglar. Coinneach's cat set off the burglar alarm one night and the very next day Clari made Skratch. He's a rogue but rather useful on occasions, even if he makes eyes at my beloved, the Lovely Lapinette. Clari modelled Lapinette on Camilla, Coinneach's partner. Now she's becoming more popular than the Wabbit, I dare say. She is very special. Clari works with materials, like fabrics, board and found objects and so we all look as deliciously 3-D as we are in real life. 

Interviewer: About those colours and shapes? 

The Wabbit:  Clari's colours and shapes are distinctive and sometimes I think I have never seen these shades or colours ever before. Coinneach cuts out the characters and other shapes for every episode so I am always different, just like Clari's pieces. I am very pleased that I was at the centre of Clari's most recent exhibition,

Interviewer: And your role as a Secret Agent ?

The Wabbit:  Some say we are the wabbit version of John Steed and Emma Peel in the Avengers, but of course they don't seem to have all the paperwork we do (laughs).

Interviewer: What about the shadowy yet powerful Department of Wabbit Affairs?

The Wabbit: I can offer you little comment beyond the public domain. Nothing special, all very governmental and bureaucratic. Wabbits with green filing cabinets.

Interviewer: Perhaps you can comment on autism for our listeners?

The Wabbit: Thank you. That is why I came. Clari has an autistic son Oscar. He is a great friend of the Wabbit and it is he that is responsible for administration of any mail sent to my headquarters. The Wabbit adventures are strongly against social exclusion and you may have noticed that in the stories, the Wabbit always gets included. No matter where he goes, he is accepted. That is the policy of the Wabbit and what he wants for all beings. People with autism - I hope I have that right - are misunderstood and the Wabbit wants to remedy this. Acceptance and inclusion is the way of the Wabbit and of the collaboration of Coinneach and Clari. Thank you.

Interviewer: Thank you Commander. I may assume that listeners can go to the National Autistic Society for more details? 

The Wabbit: You may! Can I press these buttons now?

Interviewer: No!

The Wabbit Oh OK then. May I keep the microphone?.

Interviewer: Definitely not

The Wabbit: Grrrrr

Interview Ends

Follow the Adventures of the Wabbit at Follow the Wabbit

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