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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Neurodivergent K introduces We Are Like Your Child

Introducing We Are Like Your Child

We Are Like Your Child is a new, exciting blog collective of Autistic (capital A) bloggers, with the occasional allistic disabled poster.

It's for the stories that so often aren't shown in the media: those where we have difficulties and yet we problem solve creatively, we live with our disabilities rather than the whole "in spite of" and overcoming thing. Or the stopping and dripping in tragedy. This is a slice of reality from Autistic people.

It'll be a once weekly blog (or more. Maybe. But once weekly for sure) & I'm sure many people who read here would like to check it out. It's highly unlikely to be as firey as here--it's just a place where we can show things that won't make it into a "Success In Spite of Autism!" type anthology, nor are they the stuff of woe is me human interest stories, nor are they inspiration porn. It's just that yeah, we do have difficulties, yeah, we can work around some of them, and yeah, we're people even if we can't do some stuff.

So. Some of you might be interested in that. People who find here too political might too. Cuz we are like your child, and that's a good thing for all involved.--Neurodivergent K

And the intro post from We Are Like Your Child:

So what is this?
This is a group blog of adult autistics (and the occasional allistic disabled person) who are a definition of successful that means 'comfortable in our own skins, having lives that we find fulfilling'. We are undeniably autistic, we have difficulties, and we are unafraid to talk about our difficulties-and the creative problem solving we use to work with them. Our messages here are that it is ok to be disabled, it is ok to be disabled and like yourself, and that the stories of ubersuccessful highly privileged autistic folks who had every advantage are not the only stories out there.

Some names may be familiar to you from other blogs. Some may not. Our stories are those of disabled people who don't see "disabled person" as an oxymoron and who truly live "different, not less". We are advocates or activists, we like ourselves, and we bring to you stories of life while disabled that are neither sugar coated nor dripping in tragedy.

We are like your child. Your child is like us. And we may have difficulties, we are disabled--but there is no denying that we are also awesome.

Posted by Neurodivergent K at 3:48 PM

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