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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Blog Ladies: episode 2; posts wanted

Kathleen and I are covering some interesting topics for our second episode of Blog Ladies. We're having a book giveaway, and we're tackling things like burnout and finding community. Kathleen is going to look at dad bloggers and sleep. Not together of course, although that could be interesting! So now it's your turn. In the comments provide your links and I'll put together new posts linking to your posts. Make sure you let us know what topic it is, too. In my community segment I recommended Stymeyland, Four Sea Stars Embracing Chaos, and Springtiger's blog. You can find them in both the autistic bloggers and family bloggers. Why these? Because they are both autistic adults and parents. It's an important perspective. Oh, and I plugged Countering and Herd, because, we too write blogs of our experiences as quirky parents of autistic children. If I had more time though, I'd have suggested several others. Mostly True Stuff. The Connor Chronicles. Flappiness Is. The Autistic Me. Mind Retrofit. AS Parenting. Actually, the list goes on and on. I've found so much support and so many friends in our extended blog feeds. Give them a look. They are some awesome people!
                                         Kathleen says....
But wait!  There's more!  Yes-I am covering sleep issues...and dad bloggers...I am looking for posts on sleep issues..anyone who has had them, dealt with them..heard something about them-AND might like to share advice, help..favorite coffee brands etc...please leave a link in the comments here. These will go on a separate post for sleep issues alone.  ALSO-In my dad blogger section-I  suggested Big Daddy Autism, Lost and Tired, Stuart Duncan and Just a Lil blog in my segment. These are blogs that I have read for a while and they are different from each other.  I thought that it gave a nice variety-so, I was happy to share them.  I would love links to some please feel free to place them in the comments here-as they too will get their own post. Thanks so much.


Jamie Thomas said...

I wrote a blog earlier this week called 1 in 50. Its about living here in Abilene and how in just a short time I have found not only people in the area that live in but friends of friends children in my classroom all on the spectrum. I am action team member of Reach for a Difference and always encourage families I meet to attend the meetings. I feel that we need to stick together and help each other out.

Pam Byrne said...

The recent drownings of children with autism have made me realize the need for parents to work with law enforcement agencies to protect our children. My blog, One Autism Mom's Notes, addresses this need in a post entitled "Autism and Wandering: A Safety Crisis." Here's the link:
Pam Byrne

Pam Byrne said...

The recent wandering episodes in which children with autism have drowned motivated me to write an entry for my blog, One Autism Mom's Notes, entitled "Autism and Wandering: A Safety Crisis." Here's the link:
Pam Byrne

Bright Side of Life said...

Hi there

I write about parenting my son from an RDI perspective. I have chosen this link to share as to date it has been the most popular.

John Big John said...

I wrote a piece a few years ago about my Autistic son's first kiss at a camp for children living with special needs:

John Big John said...

I wrote a piece a few years ago that I love to share with people. It's about my Autistic son's first kiss. It took place at a summer camp for children who are living with special needs:

Margaret Jean said...

Hi, I also have a blog,
I have written a memoir, available on Amazon and kindle, called "Unforgiving, The Memoir of An Asperger Teen."
My daughter, myself and two of my grandsons (from different parents) have Asperger's. My blog deals with personal discoveries, advice from expert sources, observations from an Aspie point of view, and resources. Hope to see you there!

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