Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Autism Success Stories – Dylan Scott Pierce

Autism Success Stories – Dylan Scott Pierce.
In our Autism Success Stories series, courtesy of Autism Care UK, we have taken a look at people from wide variety of industries, from musicians to computer game programmes and economists to writers, but this week we are returning to common, art. We have previously covered a famous artist with our profile of Stephen Wiltshire MBE and this week we look at Dylan Scott Pierce.

Dylan Scott Pierce?
Born in 1986, Dylan Scott Pierce is an award winning American artist, particularly renowned for his use of watercolours who was diagnosed with high functioning autism early in his life. Dylan was a talented artist from a young age, and has been described by a child prodigy.  His mother Sandy Pierce says "I remember him drawing simple shapes like squares and circles. He would look at them until he 'saw' images in the shapes and then transform them into life-like sketches of his favourite animals - lions and dinosaurs!" (source: Aged just 10 Dylan was invited to the renowned Atlanta Arts Festival, a multi-day celebration of the visual arts. Here in 1996 Dylan won First Prize in a children’s art competition.
After this early success Dylan started travelling across the country to exhibit his fantastic water colours, usually depicting wildlife. Since 2007 Dylan has also started using oils alongside his traditional watercolours. In addition to wildlife he cites portraits as his other favourite topic. Currently working out of his Florida studio, these days Dylan exhibits at more than 40 shows a year including the International ArtExpo New York and the Safari Club International Reno. He has won numerous awards throughout his exhibition career, including Best of Show Awards, Merit Awards and People's choice. He has received local and national media attention, including, amongst others being profiled on National Geographic Today, Wildlife Art Magazine, QVC, and Teen People Magazine. Dylan photographs his subject matter on his various trips to Africa, zoos and wildlife parks and then
You can view pieces of his work by looking at his online gallery here


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