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Wednesday, June 1, 2011



SHERMAN OAKS, CA (June 1, 2011) - The Help Group is pleased to announce that registration for summer camp is now open. All of the day camps provide fun and exciting recreational camp experiences for children with autism spectrum disorders, leaning and attention challenges, developmental disabilities, and other special needs. Camps are designed to foster social and emotional growth, with an emphasis on building friendships and enjoying a fun, enriching, memorable summer.

Camp Discovery is a unique place where children who have mild to moderate special needs can experience an outdoor camp that features the same fun and enriching activities as a typical day camp. Psychotherapists, along with speech, occupational, art and music therapists consult with counselors to develop goals and interventions that enable campers ages 3 -13  to enjoy daily routines and activities in a language-rich and socially supportive setting. A 3:1 staff to camper ratio allows small groups of campers to engage in a developmentally appropriate and exciting program that includes music, arts & crafts, nature activities, games, sports, theme days and more. Camp Discovery meets at the Temescal Canyon Gateway Park in Pacific Palisades

Kids Like Me: Village Glen Camp is a highly specialized social skills camp for children ages 3 to 13 with Asperger’s Disorder or high-functioning autism. It is designed to facilitate peer interaction and fun social learning opportunities, building skills and more meaningful friendships.  Camp will meet at The Help Group’s Sherman Oaks Campus. Roundtrip transportation will be provided from our Culver City Campus at no cost.

Kids Like Me: Camp Sunshine offers an opportunity for children ages 3 to 21 with autism and other developmental disabilities to experience summer fun with friends in a safe and enriching camp environment.  Camp will meet at The Help Group’s Sherman Oaks Campus.

Teens on the Go! This unique social skills camp is designed especially for teens, ages 13 to 18, with Asperger’s Disorder, high-functioning autism, and related social challenges.  Professional and highly trained staff will lead daily trips, tours and activities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Camp will meet at The Help Group’s Sherman Oaks Campus.  Free roundtrip transportation will be provided from the Help Group’s Culver City Campus.

Teens on the GO! San Francisco Travel Camp With a focus on social skills development, highly trained professional staff will lead this exciting six day trip, August 28-September 2, to San Francisco that will feature visits to Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, California Academy of Science, Muir Woods  and much more.   An amazing opportunity for teens ages 13-18 with Asperger’s Disorder and/or high functioning autism. 

ADVANCE LA – This one or two week program, is a dynamic and innovative college prep course that includes individualized planning, community based instruction, opportunities to visit college campuses and skill building activities. Designed for high school and college students.   5% registration discount prior to July 1.

Vocational Skills Training Camp – A fun and highly enriching skills based summer program focused on the world of work.  This all-new program for 18-22 year old transition students with Autism Spectrum Disorder will offer two, 2 week sessions featuring  comprehensive vocational assessment and the development of core vocational skills. Career exploration and opportunities, training in job-seeking and work-place skills, site visits, job shadowing, and on-the-job training experiences.

MUSIC RECORDING & FILM MAKING- A unique and exciting new program designed for teens with a passion for instrumental or vocal music performance, recording, and/or film making. Two 2 week sessions will provide opportunites to learn, create, produce and edit personal music or film projects, culminating with a final cut CD or DVD.

Please visit or call (818) 779-5188 for dates, prices, and additional information.

Founded in 1975, The Help Group is the largest, most innovative and comprehensive nonprofit of its kind in the United States serving children with special needs related to autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental delays, abuse and emotional problems.

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Sockitmama said...

I can personally vouch that their summer camps are awesome! My son did their summer camp and it was very organized and personalized. In addition to them having camps, it's an actual school (HUGE) and this is what they do day-in and day-out. The camps are well worth the money and if any family is coming from out-of-town, Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City is a good hotel to stay at and it's only 10 minutes away. It's also right next to really neat restaurants and a cool shopping area. Plus, 10 minutes from Universal Studios, Hollywood, and 25 minutes to the beach in the opposite direction and the famous Getty Museum. We had a wonderful time doing this camp.

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