Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Puzzling Piece I Pad Challenge

The Puzzling Piece I Pad Challenge.......Everyone can receive an I Pad..

This year The Puzzling Piece is going to try something new that can help your child. We always work on fundraising to help Autism groups and Schools. This year we will keep doing that and help your child too.

Our challenge to you is ....if you sell 60 Puzzling Piece necklaces, key chains or combination of both.

We will give you a brand new I Pad for your child or your students. We want to offer this opportunity to everyone that we can help.

Qualifying Puzzling Pieces

If you would like to take part and receive your I Pad we ask that you email us or call Melissa Winter at 201-602-0547.

To get started, We would like the following information:

1. Full name.

2. Email address

3. Phone number

4. Address

5. The name and age of your child, or students that are going to receive the I Pad.

Once we receive this info we will send you the photos of the necklace and key chain. They each sell for $20 each.

If you ask your family and friends to help you sell, you can send them the photos. You don't need to lay out any money. When you are ready we will ship the product right to your home. Feel free to post our photos and pass out flyers.

Our son Max is touched by Autism and he is why we are doing this. Max loves computers and he is always willing to sit and learn if he gets to use a I Pad. The first time he saw the I pad his face lit up. "Wow that is awesome". We can't wait to get this challenge started. We will not stop sending out I pads. The best part is everyone is a winner. All you need to do is tell everyone you know that you need their help selling Puzzling Pieces, or get them to buy one. We think gifts that give back are the best gifts to give. "Studies are already indicating the iPad and the iPod Touch as good tools for autistic children. Because of the iPad and iPod Touch, some autistic children have been able, for the very first time, to communicate their feelings and thoughts to adults. Other autistic children have been able to learn the life skills that have escaped them for a long time." Please give us the chance to give your child a gift that can help them grow.

Please pass on this information to anyone you know who is touched by Autism.Thanks for giving The Puzzling Piece a chance to help you and your child.

Together we can give the gift of technology.

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